Dejno's, Inc. - Doing Good with Wood
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Dejno’s is looking to purchase raw materials from quality wood sources.  We work with companies to determine the most efficient method of wood waste removal. Once we process the wood, we have a variety of markets that we sell to.

Materials Purchased
We are interested in buying the following hardwood and softwood materials:

• Basswood
• C & D / Construction demolition
• Hogwood
• Pallet scrap
• Recycling wood
• Scrap wood for recycling
• Wood chips
• Wood fiber
• Wood shavings
Services Provided
We provide services to the following industries:
• Cabinet shops
• Exporting companies
• Lumber companies
• Sawmills
• Stair manufacturers
• Truss companies
• Window and door manufacturers
• Wood packaging
Products Sold
Some of the products Dejno’s sell are:

• Animal bedding pellets
• Boiler fuel
• Fuel chips
• Fuel pellets
• Sawdust
• Playground footing
• Wood chips
• Wood shavings
Please contact Larry Dejno at 262-657-1210 or email for more information.