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Explore the premium options

Everyone wants a bedding that works hard. 

What matters to you in terms of flake size, absorbency, pickability, and cost?

Whatever your preference, we have an option for you.

premium pine.png

Premium Pine

Manufactured in Western Wisconsin

3.0 cu. ft comp. / 5.5 cu. ft. exp.

What Dejno's customers love:

soft & bright

amazing pine smell

highly absorbent

Premium Pine Blend

Manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin

2.7 cu. ft. comp. / 6.0 cu. ft. exp.

What Dejno's customers love:

most absorbent shaving on the market

soft texture & visual appeal

picks well

premium pine blend.png
premium northern pine.png

Premium Northern Pine

Manufactured in Upper Michigan

3.0 cu. ft. comp. / 6.0 cu. ft. exp.

What Dejno's customers love:

super clean & bright

low dust

consistent flake size

Premium Bedding Pellets

Manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin

40lbs / bag

What Dejno's customer love:

5x ultra absorbent

super swift pick

superior odor control

option: mix with shavings in stall

premium bedding pellet.png

We have bulk options, too!

Pine, Economical, Fines/Dust, and more

Premium Pine - Animal Bedding
Pine Blend - Animal Bedding
Northern Pine - Animal Bedding
Bedding Pellets - Animal Bedding
Bulk Options - Animal Bedding
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